1. возможность; способность
2. производительность
3. характеристика
4-D capability
9-g capability
accel-decel capability
acceleration-deceleration capability
acoustic processing capability
aft-loading cargo capability
air-defence capability
air-superiority capability
air-to-air capability
air-to-air combat capability
aircraft design capability
airdrop capability
all-aspect capability
all-altitude penetration capability
all-weather capability
altitude reporting capability
anti-g capability
antihelicopter capability
antisubmarine capability
area navigation capability
autolanding capability
autonomous landing capability
baseline capability
beyond-visual-range capability
birdstrike capability
bump absorption capability
Cat I capability
climb capability
CLmax capability
computational capability
continued takeoff capability
cost-effective capability
counter-countermeasures capability
crossfeed capability
crosswind capability
decoupling capability
degraded mode capability
design capability
diagnostic capability
direct force capability
dry-run capability
dual-role capability
endurance capability
energy absorbing capability
energy absorption capability
engine-out capability
enhanced capability
fail-operational capability
failure mode capability
first-look capability
first-shoot capability
first-shot capability
flutter prediction capability
forward field capability
full-aerobatic capability
full-envelope 9-g load factor capability
full-envelope escape capability
full-lift capability
full-envelope capability
functional capability
G capability
g onset rate capability
go-around capability
gross weight capability
hands-off landing capability
hard-turning capability
high-alpha capability
high-g maneuver capability
high-lift capability
high-payload/long-range capability
high-speed cruise capability
hover capability
IFR capability
incidence capability
independent capability
inspection capability
instantaneous maneuver capability
instantaneous turn capability
instantaneous turning capability
instrument flight rule capability
launch-and-leave capability
lift capability
limited all-weather capability
load factor capability
load-carrying capability
loaded capability
lock-on after launch capability
look-ahead capability
look-down shoot-down capability
look-into-turn capability
Mach 1.8 capability
Mach number capability
maneuver capability
maneuvering capability
moving-base capability
multidesign-point capability
multimission capability
multiple-frequency capability
multipoint tanker capability
nap-of-the-earth capability
naval attack capability
negative-g capability
night fighting capability
nozzle vector capability
off-airfield capability
off-axis capability
off-boresight capability
off-boresight angle capability
paradrop capability
payload capability
payload-carrying capability
payload/range capability
pilot-aircraft capability
pitch rate capability
pitch-snatch capability
point-and-shoot capability
post-stall capability
probe-and-drogue capability
PST capability
range capability
rate of climb capability
real-time capability
reduced-field-length capability
rotor overspeed capability
rough airfield capability
rough field capability
rough ground capability
rough surface capability
rugged-terrain capability
see-through capability
self-diagnostic capability
short-field capability
short-landing capability
short-takeoff capability
simulation capability
sink-rate capability
six degree-of-freedom capability
snap/shoot attack capability
sortie generation capability
speed capability
standoff capability
stealth capability
sustained turn capability
sustained-g capability
swing capability
swing-role capability
temperature capability
terrain-clearance capability
tolerance capability
touchscreen capability
tracking capability
trim capability
turn capability
two-fail-operate capability
unimproved-field capability
variable-cycle capability
vector capability
vertical capability
vertical landing capability
zero altitude zero speed escape capability

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